Resources for better decision-making in development corridors

A platform to support improved planning, implementation and monitoring of development corridors

An online platform to provide access to evidence-based information for better development corridor decision-making. The resources are from the DCP’s research and capacity building initiatives and provide routes to better decision-making for more sustainable development corridors. Bridging the gap between science-policy and action, these resources will enable policymakers, NGOs, governmental officials, researchers and all corridor practitioners to understand corridor case studies from Kenya and Tanzania.

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Synthesis resources

The diverse development corridor research carried out by the DCP has been synthesised into many accessible outputs to help different stakeholders access the most relevant evidence to improve their decision-making. These key outputs can be found below:

The African Development Corridors Database: a new tool to assess the impacts of infras [...]

The large-scale expansion of built infrastructure is profoundly reshaping the geographies of Africa, generating lock-in patterns of development for future generations. Understanding the [...]

African Development Corridors Database

A flagship DCP output is the African Development Corridors Database. Building on previous work, this represents a comprehensive database of 79 development corridors across Africa (planned, in progress or operational). This database can help improve strategic planning, transparency, and risk assessments for decision-makers including investment banks, governments and impact assessment practitioners, by providing a tool to assess the impacts of infrastructure development.